HRO Today Podcast: Total Talent in the Driver's Seat: The Road to Workforce Recovery

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HRO Today Podcast: Total Talent in the Driver's Seat: The Road to Workforce Recovery

As a direct result of the pandemic, national unemployment rates have risen, ultimately causing more prospective talent to seek employment. With a myriad of candidates to choose from, it is difficult from an employer's perspective to bring in the best candidate. 

For this reason, more companies are starting to reevaluate their talent acquisition strategy.  In fact, 41% of companies considered introducing a Total Talent solution pre-pandemic in 2019. When the pandemic occurred, this figure rose to 54% of companies who would consider implementation. Allow this podcast to showcase how a holistic and customizable Total Talent solution can solve your company's workforce challenges.

Debbie Bolla, Vice President and editorial director at HRO Today, and Michael DuBois, Vice President of Enterprise Sales, RPO for DZConneX, sat down to discuss the pandemic's influence on workforce management and HR practices. Additionally, they went into great detail regarding the capabilities of DZConneX's Total Talent solutions.


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Procurement specialists, stakeholders, and HR professionals all have different measures on what they believe to be a successful talent acquisition process. Our Total Talent solution provides a consistent and structured approach to satisfy all aspects of the talent acquisition process. DZX software has been specially constructed for rapid introduction and integration of third-party technologies to streamline the talent acquisition process. By utilizing innovative software like AI and machine learning, we can provide real-time analytics to improve the hiring process for contingent workers and direct hires. Listen to the full podcast here. 


Highlighting the Attractiveness of DZX's Total Talent Solution 

  • Cost-effective practices (reduce contingent labor costs and improve efficiency)
  • Quality (consistent process & focused solutions)
  • Reduces turnover (aligns company culture with employee values)
  • Leverage Brand (boost brand awareness)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (provides unique perspective)
  • Third-party technologies (best AI and machine-learning programs available)

Final Thoughts

Hiring the best candidate remains complicated but far from impossible. With the guidance of DZConneX, we can lead your company on the right path to configure the best possible talent acquisition process. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the talent acquisition process and embrace sustainability and innovation instead. 


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