How to Automate the Recruitment Process

Chelsea Finn
How to Automate the Recruitment Process

In today's world, there are so many ways to automate the recruitment process in order to have a seamless and efficient hiring approach. Focusing on the newest technology and how it could benefit your talent acquisition strategy is one of the most important things you can do to stay ahead of the curve. By setting yourself apart from your competitors with automation, you can fill roles at a much faster rate. The best part? The automations that can create an efficient recruitment process aren't necessarily things that need to be over-engineered.

Below are three ways you can automate parts of the recruitment process.

A Quick Apply Process: This automation can benefit everyone involved in the hiring process from the recruiter to the candidate. Recruiters want to know specific information about a candidate while applicants want to go through an easy, painless job application process. By offering a quick apply process, both of these solutions can be made feasible. Pulling together the most essential data from the beginning of the application process and avoiding data that can be collected at a later time once the candidate is further along the hiring process will make less applicants abandon their applications. There are specific products, automations and partners that can allow you to design an application process that is candidate friendly while still collecting important candidate data. 

Chat Bots: Having an active chat bot on your website during the application process is  another way to help prevent job seeker’s from abandoning their job applications halfway through. A chat bot can help remind the potential candidate to finish filling out their application or be there for basic support questions. Additionally, chat bots can be created to help suggest similar jobs for the candidate to apply to, and match their skillsets to other available jobs. This can help the candidate find the role that they are best suited for. 

Nudge Notifications: In many cases, nudge notifications = reminders. They can be enabled to send automated reminders on next steps, interview schedules, onboarding requirements and more. This will help your candidates stay on track and keep them engaged during the application process. Also, you could enable nudge notifications for your recruitment team as well to help keep the hiring process moving efficiently. 

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