12 Interview Questions to Always Ask Candidates

Chelsea Finn
12 Interview Questions to Always Ask Candidates

It's critical to ask the right questions during the interview process when it comes to finding the right candidate for an open role on your team or within your organization. There are so many great questions to ask, from questions on their preferred work environment to questions on proud professional moments, here are 12 questions to always ask candidates during an interview. 

1. What is Your Ideal Work Environment Like?

Do they prefer a loud, busy office or a quiet space? What about cubicles versus an open floor plan? Also, do they prefer working remotely, in the office or a hybrid approach? These are all things you should discuss during the interview. 

2. How Did You End Up In The Role You're Currently In?

This will give you an idea of your candidate's career path and how they might approach potential new roles in the future. From here, you can also ask questions about where they see themselves in the future. 

3. How Would You Describe Your Favorite Supervisor? 

This will help provide insight on the type of management style that the candidate prefers. Do they prefer more creative control? Or to be managed more directly? 

4. What Professional Goal Have You Accomplished That You're The Most Proud Of?

What type of work is the candidate capable of and what type of work are they going to feel good about doing? Do any of the job requirements or skills align with this type of work? 

5. What Skill Makes You the Most Qualified For This Position? 

This question will help ensure that you're both on the same page on what skills will help someone in this role succeed. 

6. What is The Biggest Challenge You've Had to Overcome in Your Career So Far?

This is a great opportunity to understand lessons they have learned in the past and how that can make them a stronger candidate for the role they are interviewing for. 

7. What Made You Want to Apply for This Position?

Find out what seems interesting about the position to your candidate! This is a great time to discuss the role in more detail. 

8. How Would Your Coworkers and Boss Describe You?

Think about how your team would work with this candidate. Team dynamics are always important since they directly impact things like productivity, effectiveness and even creativity. 

9. Do You Prefer to Work Solo Or With a Team?

You'll want to make sure that their answer aligns with the type of work that they'll be doing in the role they're interviewing for. If someone strongly prefers working solo but is in a role where they are constantly collaborating, it's only a matter of time until their unhappy or feeling burnt out.  

10. What's The Most Interesting Project You've Worked On So Far?

Understand what the candidate finds interesting and to make sure that the role they are applying for is one that they won't find themselves bored in. 

11. How Would You Pitch This Company to a Stranger?

How well does the candidate understand your company? And what's the point of view of someone from outside of the company? Both of these answers will be helpful during the interview!

12. What Are You Passionate About?

And lastly, this question will give you insight on what the candidate cares about the most. Consider if anything they are passionate about leads back to the role they're applying for. If so, they could potentially be a great fit!

By asking the questions above you'll get a great idea of your candidate's strengths, their understanding of the role and your company and whether they would be the right fit for your team. 

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