eBook: 6 Ways To Optimize Contingent Worker Performance

Best practice advice for getting the most out of your contingent workforce


Effectively managing employee resources is a constant challenge for any manager, and it becomes even more complex when contingent talent is added to the workforce mix. As more and more companies utilize workforce solutions partners, it becomes increasingly important for companies to leverage their contingent workforce to fulfill project requirements. 

With proper planning, you can ensure that your organization's needs are being fulfilled and your contingent resources are being utilized effectively. This eBook will be your guide to planning ahead, building a consistent workforce, and working with your workforce solutions partner to optimize performance within your organization. 


This eBook will help you:

-Create short-term and long-term plans to create efficiency across your contingent workforce  

-Implement practices in concert with your talent partner to successfully optimize contingent labor performance 

-Mitigate common risks that stem from misclassification of contingent workers 

-Develop success metrics to measure and keep track of individual worker's performances