Whitepaper: 5 Keys To Selecting An RPO Provider 

Take an in-depth look at how to select the best Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program to optimize your organization's talent strategy. 

Choosing the right RPO provider is critical to the success of many organization's talent acquisition efforts. If your company is lacking internal recruiting resources or the expertise  to efficiently meet your total talent needs, then an RPO program might be the best solution for you. However, selecting the right provider isn't always simple once you recognize the need for a talent acquisition solution within your organization. 

Whether you are just starting the process or already have some experience with selecting the right RPO provider for your organization, this whitepaper will help you better understand RPO and the business drivers behind choosing this talent acquisition and management process. We will also provide you with critical tips and evaluation factors to help you with the selection process. 


This Whitepaper will help you:

-Understand what RPO is; including the difference between RPO and Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) 

-Determine the best time to enter into an RPO engagement with a talent partner 

-Select the best RPO provider for your organization with just 5 easy tips

-Learn why there is a lot more work to selecting an RPO provider than just sending out an RFP